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Upcoming Events:

24 - 28 February

Windsurf Clinic by ABK

A windsurf clinic to take your skills to the next level. More than a thousand multi-day camp sessions held across the United States and the Caribbean.

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5 - 14 March

Windsurf Clinic by Simon Bornhoff – Windwise

Join one of our personalized UK windsurfing courses and stunning overseas windsurfing holidays and we will do everything we can to enhance your windsurfing and give you a great time.

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Every Sunday at 10:30 am

Sup Yoga with Ladina

There is no better way than to start your Sunday morning with some yoga and release all of your stress. To keep it surf we mix yoga with stand up paddling! Try it now!

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Every Tuesday and Thursday

Yoga with Ladina

Give your body the relaxation it needs during your windsurf holiday. Stretching your muscles helps to be able to surf every day of your stay!

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Every Thursday night

Table BBQ

When you think of Caribbean, you think of BBQ! Dine at your favorite windsurf place with the BBQ on your table. Fresh fish from the bay and finger licking spare ribs are just some of the food you will get! Sign up at the Hangout Bar!

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